Final Rating: 5.58. Finished 29 out of 161 entries.

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Animator: Yeyo Wasel Cocamunga

Description: Light saber?

Experience: 3 Years

Time taken: 1 Week


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Lauren Elizabeth MacColl:

Good concept, I like how the holo-figure fights back.

Sandra Ines Tapia:

Nice Job.

Shakaib Feroz:

Great idea, it made me laugh.

I like the execution too. But you could do a couple of things to make it less stiff.
The guy seems glued in place. Move him around a little. Let the feet off the ground a bit. The impact of hard hitting slaps from the hologram should've ungrounded him a bit.
Another thing, break the symmetry. The poses and facial expressions are too symmetrical right now. real life is not that symmetrical. Asymmetry adds interest and life.

Good job.

Ed Seager:

brilliant idea

Nassim Briedj:

good one lol

Samantha Schnauder:

lol made me chuckle

Sthefany Briceño:

great idea

Abhik Paul:

What a funny. Nice idea.


funny :)

Dexter Saulisbury:

Love the idea

Hajar Khakrand:

Nice and refreshing idea

Eddie Higgenbottom:

I would pay attention to your eyebrows at first sometime I make the mistake too. You starting it with an angry eyebrow. You switched to two emotions in the beginning. When your character is straight ahead in also the attention of the character you can make this whole thing as I bet two emotions. The other is where he gets smacked around.

any rate good luck I've yet see where its headed


Good technique. Nice face expressions achieved with limited facial movements. Good idea of hologram character. Would prefer to see "Star Wars" theme references.

Frankie Wright:

This really works well with the style of sound