Final Rating: 7.29. Finished 5 out of 161 entries.

6,276 views including the voting period.


Animator: Pat Keegan

Description: With a bond built on a lifelong hatred, two mortal enemies go to war.

Experience: 3 years professionally

Time taken: Roughly 40hours on nights and weekends


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Paolo Garcia:

This was very cool, the turn around in perspective is very very nice. I do wish that the sounds had been respected a bit more, i don't get the sense that either one of them is swinging around their sober. However technically really nice

Raziel Gore:

Plz let this into the top 11 at least, this is AWESOME

Eddie Higgenbottom:

great that it has a flash effect. I like it, This make it seem that the grey and white is a finish quality.

Babul Prasad:

Nice concept, but at the start, it is not syncing with the audio


if the first and last sword sings had been animated, you could have great work


Great movement! As are the strokes and the idea

Vin Liew:

wow!,some action doesnt flow with the sound fx

Zach Baharov:

Amazing job! The choreography and the fluidity of motion is superb. The end is very clever too! I wish you had synchronized the beginning motion along with the sound. That is the only part that is a bit lacking to me. Even so, the overall piece is really well done! Good work, friend!

Florencia Irena:

nice animation! COOL idea!

Ruth Agada:

I love this!

Hajar Khakrand:

Nice done but I think you didn't include the beginning and ending sounds in your animate.