Final Rating: 5.77. Finished 28 out of 134 entries.

522 views including the voting period.


Animator: Shravan Anarase

Description: Salesman trying to tell what costume to wear at a Vampire's Ball.........

Experience: 8 months

Time taken: 15 days, 4-5 hours after office


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Simon Vergereau:

Take care of the staging, I would have put him more 3/4, otherwise good work on the eyes !

Ziggy Deutz:

Really nice eye movements!

Dalton Krajewski:

Some of the moving holds may have been a bit too subtle (I didn't see them at all on first view), but each play made the motions more and more appealing. Overall the animation is great! The timing gives it a lot of character and the reactions during the other dialogue part were excellent.


I think this is the first animation I've seen with only one character in it. Your lip syncing and acting is really, really good! I especially like how the character is talking with their hands. I do feel, however, that it kind of feels like its lacking because there's only one character on the screen and nothing else? If there were something else he were interacting with, even something like a still dressing room door, it would keep the audience's attention even more. Still a very good animation though, great work!

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

nice one

Karl Bernhardt:

I think malcolms boss eyed in your piece. very respectable animation apart from that