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Animator: Evan Cespedes

Description: I didn't have time to finish this one, but considering it's my third project, I think I've made a lot of progress and learned more about character design and movement.

Experience: 2 years, on and off

Time taken: 3 weeks


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made me laugh though

Ben Hall:

Well I know you ran out of time but I think there's some potential here the first thing you should do is start as early as possible working on it. Second I would suggest adding in some moving holds like we see her sitting a chair but she's motionless she should be writing or if not that maybe she could be thinking about what to write and tapping her pencil but as it is she's not alive in the beginning. 3rd the animation of her running needs intent in it we know she's running but she should be really appear to be putting effort into it exaggerating the running poses after all her baby may be in danger. Do these things and a better result is guaranteed.