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Little octopus and pearl

by Yagizhan Misirli, October Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.38. Finished 1 out of 187 entries.

220,325 views including the voting period.


Animator: Yagizhan Misirli

Description: A little octopus goes after a pearl in a seashell but seashell uses it's pearl as a trap for even this cute octopus.

Experience: I'm not experienced as a cartoonist. Still working at home.

Time taken: 8 days.


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Maria Robertson:

It took me a replay to understand what the setting was and what was going on, so I would say maybe extend that opening shot a bit before the oyster clamps down.
Nevertheless I really like animation itself, especially the way she responds to the sounds at the end.

Michael Ayers Jr:

The volume is pretty low but nice animation.

Michael Gavin:

Love it.

Anthony Travieso:

love the character. Really nice


Really cool and well drawn! The part where the octopus says "jesus" looks ever so slightly off

Marina Julia:

The animation was great, but where is the sound???

Iqtidar Ali Siddiqui:

must be in top 3 :)


love it!

Clément Pierre:

Very nice animation.
I would just say there is a little bit too much eyes directions between f80 and f120, it makes it a bit unclear. I think it just a matter of the eyes, because the head mouvements are good.
Good job !

Stéphane Sartori:

That one is very good! I'd love to see it colourised and with the sound much louder as I can't actually hear anything.


The winner! Congrats, it looks amazing.

Ben Hall:

No that's so sad! But It's animated so WELL!


fantastic 2d love it

Simran Singh:

Nice concept cool animation

Andrey Zhukov:

Super awesome, but, not for this competition (theme).