Final Rating: 8.40. Finished 3 out of 229 entries.

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Animator: Az Adamson

Description: Two young archaeologists find their discovery to be a bit of a "handful".

Experience: A few months

Time taken: 1 month


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Mike Schanbacher:

Nice work!

Conway Dobbs:

I feel like when the black hand strokes the guys face, there could be a stronger reaction there. Some times he shifts unnaturally. I don't think the windup with the arm works. the swing withe vase could be quicker. Overall though. Good job. i like the idea the story is clear. Well drawn. Ending is nice.

Sarathkumar C:


Donald Brooks:

I like the idea. Good job with the clean up. The style reminds me of Disney.

Seb c:

Love this so much. Nice set up

Peter Sukma:


Tim G:

11 second club tho