Final Rating: 7.92. Finished 4 out of 229 entries.

44,763 views including the voting period.


Animator: mark davies

Description: A short 2D animation created whilst commuting to work, using the iPad pro and the 'Rough Animator' app

Experience: 15 years

Time taken: 24 hours


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Thing of beauty. This is top 5 minimum, maybe the winner :)

Mike Schanbacher:

Nice work!


very nice i like the characers and the old syle look :)

Conway Dobbs:

walk is so quick

Siva Prasad:

super cool :D


Hahaha! This is awesome

Reinnard Bartholius Dinata:

naisu worku

The Dark:


Razam Ali:

very nice

Richard Adams:

Quite a few really good 2d animations this time around, including yours. I think yours is a Top 10 entry. Lots of appeal, very well animated, and I like the humor.

Aidan Stokes:

Well done!!!