Final Rating: 8.48. Finished 2 out of 229 entries.

101,579 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ryan Fairbanks

Description: A man and a lizard enter a spooky house

Experience: Just University

Time taken: 3 weeks including discarded passes


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Nice. Love the characters.

Mike Schanbacher:

Nice characters...its a little jarring at frame 122 when the camera cuts...the character goes from being in a doorway, to not being in a doorway instantly. Nice work overall.


This is amazing! Really love the animation in this. However, I suggest you work with your camera movements because the cut in the beginning is way too fast.

Conway Dobbs:

however the feel like the second line could have more clear poses


LOVE it! The characters look very good and their expressions and lip syncing are on point and clearly tells the story, One of my favorites!

Sarathkumar C:


Kieran Mann:

Great 2D animation style!

talha bin khalid:

Awesome work, very smooth & the scenario is also funny, good art :))

Razam Ali:


Richard Adams:

Yet another really really good 2d animation. Are you guys all in an advanced 2d animation course? Love your idea, the environment design, character design, and the animation and lip syncing is incredibly well done. Top 10 in my book.