Final Rating: 2.64. Finished 181 out of 183 entries.

316 views including the voting period.


Animator: Courteney White

Description: Wasp and Bee sitting on an apple talking to each other.

Experience: 1 year.

Time taken: 10 hrs


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Adam Watkins:

A good first attempt but needs a couple things to be worked upon.

The characters' movements were quite stiff and choppy, especially the head of the left bee when laughing and the right bee's arm. That coupled with the way the right bee looks away makes the scene seem very flat.

It seems to me that you may have drawn the background and characters into the scene all coloured and then animated from there which could be why the animation seems so stiff.
Even though it takes a bit longer, I usually find that doing a rough layer for the animation to start off with helps tremendously. I find it makes you less worried about straying away from your character's clean design as you can clean it up later and it allows you to figure out how you want each character to move without worrying about how presentable the lines look.

I hope this was useful!