Final Rating: 6.69. Finished 15 out of 183 entries.

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Animator: DongHun Kim

Description: The angel said hungry, so the devil take him to eat a delicious apple. they didnt know forbid Adam's apple.

Devil did good cuz he stolen God stuff
Angel did bad cuz ate a forbidden fruit

Experience: 1 years

Time taken: 40hour


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John Toland:

lip sync is off on this



Nikolai Jonasson:

Really visible facial expressions and 3D animation is well done.

Elisabeth Janerka:

I think you need to establish somehow that they are sitting with their back against each other sooner. When you cut to the "angel" it feels like they are sitting in front of each other. Perhaps having the angel looking towards the devil first before he continues on talking
Super fun setup and nice animation

Jamie F:

Great facial expressions on the angel

Robert Cartwright:

I love the extra effort there! Great work!

Richard Adams:

Really good facial expressiveness in this one.


I like the effort you put into the facial expressions also your characters have a nice weight to them. The presentation could have a little more polish but great animation is more than enough for me good job :)

Nathaniel Vaughan:

I like this concept and the execution. The characters are very expressive, and their movements match their dialogue perfectly.

Gabriel Mira de Assumpção Peixoto:

Nice one!