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Animator: Robert Cartwright

Description: Ivan stares down a malevolent robot with terrible aim... as he argues about good and evil with it, glued to a target.

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Experience: 1 year (Animation Student)

Time taken: 8-10 hours


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Robert Cartwright:

I honestly took less time to do this one than I would have liked to have spent on it. In part because I had to first get the software ready for both characters, and second because I procrastinated. That said, I really enjoy what I did with Ivan's expressions, I think his phrase really popped. The render nodes for both characters were different too in Blender, so I had to adjust some things, and I would have spent more time on it if I had it, just didn't have the time to. Would also like to figure out how to get two different characters into the same scene, as that would fix some of the render problems I was having, with cel shading colors being different and the like. for next month's I also want to do more than a static shot with the human character's body remaining mostly motionless, that was just the idea I had for this month and I stuck with it, but next month I want to expand on that.

Gabriel Mira de Assumpção Peixoto:

Very creative, but needs some minor refinement in the animation. Also there's absolutely no lipsync for the human's laugh.