Final Rating: 7.64. Finished 3 out of 182 entries.

192,180 views including the voting period.


Animator: Paloma Zhu

Description: A not so funny conversation between two colleagues...

Rigs: Norman and Norman

Experience: Student - 6 months

Time taken: 3 weeks


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John M:

Yeah! Love it. Well done. My favourite this month. Well animated, original, and funny.

Shweta Chawre:

Liked the concept.

George Clear:

I love the idea behind this, well done!

Eilin Berrio:

I think the story is very imaginative, beautiful body mechanics. Maybe at the start of the animation when red turns off his eyes go down too quickly and he seems to start laughing before the audio but this is just nitpicking. Well done :).

C h o c o b i l l y :

This is funny!! That walk. HA! I think it be cool if there was some contrast in the way the move. So is all smooth when talking but a choppy walk when the sign is active. Good stuff though ~

Aaron James Mongcopa:

very nice concept! a possible winner!


Nice concept!!

Catherine Lachepelle:

Very appealing poses and original storyline, nice job! May I suggest a little more life in the dangling feet around 170-200? But it is pretty great as it is now :)

Jamie F:

Really excellent idea! Well done!

Robert Cartwright:

Love the thought process behind this one! Great work!


Great concept! Really nice fluid animation and your lip sync works really well too :D


this is good but in the end video the character red is not same pose, and in and charater green blokiing animate


Amazing!! congratulations!!

Nathaniel Vaughan:

I definitely didn't think of that! This obviously has had a lot of work done to it, and it deserves a high rank.

Tatiana Pugachevskaya:

witty idea and excellent animation :)

Gabriel Mira de Assumpção Peixoto: