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Animator: Sharu.

Description: How about your worst nemesis visits you.

Experience: 5

Time taken: hr a day


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You punched up the contrast, very nice!

Peter Franks:

doesn't make sense.......

David Summerset:

What's happening? your concept doesn't make any sense. That's what's happening.

David Webb:

what a waste.....of time.


Great concept and nicely done micro movements on your character. Well done

Henry Barbee:

All the tiny body movements are really good, however, the bigger expressions could use some work. The scrunched face at 190 could be pushed a lot more, you could push her lips out and up on her face more, and puff her cheeks out more. Also I would have her shoulders go up at 221 because you already have an antic. with the face, head, and chest but that's not followed through with the shoulders. And then have them go down at 228 as a follow-through. Well done though!