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Animator: Tsvetelina Kumanova

Description: This shot is the final part of my project from my animation module at Escape Studios. In the end, I know there is space for improvement, but I'm just really happy with all I've learned this past month! :D

Experience: This is my first shot

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Gabriele Pasetti:

The main problem here is that the lady is sliding while walking and she's jerky in a lot of frames. To match the sound in the end you can let the dragon spread his wings.

Alice Lambert:

The hand holding the light was a bit too smooth for the body actions, it had a set track so looked a little unnatural, left if follow the flow of the body a little more.
A little clipping when switching hands and the head .
I liked her facial animation at the start with lighting the torch


Please cushion out the end poses

Eric Raffle:

cool concept , but your motion is all over the place it needed some softer movements and pauses