Final Rating: 5.02. Finished 44 out of 108 entries.

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Animator: leo

Description: No idea what happened to maya!!!!! All my references used in today's saving are back to original status, constraint and animation are gone,the playblast is the only thing left, any way to restore?...thank you for the feed back

Experience: 3 years study

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Darren Evander:

great animation but lack story.

Nadine Labib:

Nice detail of putting the lighter to the pocket

Richard Adams:

Facial expressiveness and body mechanics both very nicely done. Very simple idea, very well executed.

Eric Raffle:

everyone always thinks too literally about what the sounds sound like, try thinking outside the box, can't begin to tell how many entries started off with lighting a cigarettes'

Henry Barbee:

Nice! People may not vote this one highly because it's subtle and there's no lighting or background, but this is good work. Well done.