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Animator: René Vargas Romero

Description: Hope you like it.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 1 week


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Nadine Labib:

I totally felt empathic for them

Andriy Hrymalyuk:

- It would be great if we've established relationships between the characters from the very first scene, they feel disconnected and then she jumps into his arms "out of the blue". Are they strangers or a couple? - that will determine his reaction to her action.
- He doesn't seem worried by the monster.
- From the first shot it seems that they are in the airport, but then it cuts to the window view and I can't figure out if it is their home, coffee shop, office - the set would help to define their connection even stronger.
- the falling of the frame could be synchronized to the sound better.

But it looks entertaining :) Meow :)

Henry Barbee:

A little jerky still, but it's got potential if given more polish!