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11 Second Animation - Intruder

by Darren Moynihan

Final Rating: 4.18. Finished 75 out of 108 entries.

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Animator: Darren Moynihan

Description: Done as part of a uni assignment

Experience: very little (student)

Time taken: a few days


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Vee :

I really like the gun animation, but the lip sync could be a tad cleaner. Good job!

Alice Lambert:

Quite blocky no living thing should ever be completely still.

Richard Adams:

Too dim to see.

Henry Barbee:

If you download the plugin "aTools" for Maya (I assume you're using Maya), it will give you a tool which makes giving eases in and out to curves really easy. You should have a slight ease in and out on every curve in your graph editor, there should never be a flat line from one keyframe to the other. In other words, no part of the character should ever come to a complete stop, as is what happens in this animation. Try it, it'll make a difference.