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Alone in the dark

by Jonathan Fontaine, October Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 9.21. Finished 1 out of 108 entries.

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Animator: Jonathan Fontaine

Description: Gina Delatour is investigating a strange facility

Experience: Learning traditionnal animation for a year and a half

Time taken: over 15 days


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Darren Evander:

the lighting, animation and mood is great overall.I like when she spin to see the door closed. It is smooth and feels natural. the only critique i have is you should improve the story more.


amazing! could work on the mouth a bit though


wow! breathtaking!

Isaac Nathan:

The intensity of the light at it's most intense point is a little too intense I think

Alice Lambert:

The motion of this is amazing!

Richard Adams:

...Wow...This is soooo good! Everything incredibly polished. I think this one's the winner this month.


good job!!

Aaron James Mongcopa:

Overall, nice shot. But the end turn could be sped up a bit.

Peter Franks:

good lighting.

David Summerset:

Nice! but if siren lights were somehow integrated in this scene, that would've made this spectacular.

Dylan Connors:

can you be my Senpai

Maddoju Ramesh:

excellent. definitely will be top 2.

Andriy Hrymalyuk:

That's a hell of a job done! Looks amazing!
The flame feels very bright and warm!

Rajarshi Pal:

Very nice work

Elisabeth Janerka:

Very impressive - especially the turnaround!


This is the winner for me. I love how natural and understated the movement is. Well done