Final Rating: 4.57. Finished 40 out of 82 entries.

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Animator: Chris Leykam

Description: I tried to use the actor Bill Nighy and some of his mannerisms to help guide the performance and look of the main character Ned.This was the first time I tried to animate fully on paper/peg bar as a means of learning animation.

Experience: about 4 Months

Time taken: all month


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Nicolas Briellmann:

watch out for twinning! the hand of the dude are mirroring each other pretty much through the whole scene.

Vee :

Whoa is this pencil on paper?! Looks great!

ro crown:

7 stars from me, for the char's are full and the volume of them does not change and they are of an interesting lot...great job and i for one, REALLY WANNA see more from you inna future entries on here, pppllleeeaasse and alot of us thank you!!!!