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Animator: Alexandra Delaunay Fernández

Description: A cocky customer tries to pick up a waitress. The waitress poisons him because she can't stand him anymore.

Experience: 2 years as student

Time taken: 20 days more or less


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Nidhi shah:

Its lovely concept. Do continue refining it.

Richard Adams:

Okay that ending....LOL Definitely didn't expect that. lol.

Tom Islava:

Took me a while to realize she served him poison. So when I rewatched it with that in mind it just made her acting that more entertaining, especially the smile.

Anna M.:

I liked this one. I just love the movement in his torso when he is falling on the table at the end... and his eyes even rolled back before he collapsed. The whole thing is good but the last 2 seconds are exceptional! I also like the camera angle you chose when it showed the girl, it kind of hid the fact that the wine doesn't move. You also did a good job distracting the eye when she is pouring the wine. (Which I don't blame you one bit for not animating, liquid is hard and time-consuming). Y ou have inspired me! Awesome video! Ten Stars!

Leonardo Pereira:

Good start. Need more polish in the arcs of the arms and elbows. And the lipsync is off. But great staging and idea.


A nice twist! There's some slight overlapping in the animation when the man grabs the glass, but overall the animation as a whole is very smooth, the lip-syncing is pretty on point and the body language of each character suits the audio quite well.


So interesting