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An Obvious Disdain

by Evie

Final Rating: 4.28. Finished 54 out of 82 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Evie

Description: A Greek interaction

Experience: Student/ Novice

Time taken: On & off for around 2 weeks


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ro crown:

Love the poses, and the look of the characters, but this is limited unfinished and the two characters look too much alike, which one should go for a big vs. small character opposition for the audience to love or not, but these are of the same look and this make this a dull and forgetfull short......and why is the male voice in a female type looking character....opposites attract...and the animation jiggles from frame to frame....but i think you knew that, via you have some sort of model sheet or sheets that show char's frick and frack of how to react to each other and what is up with the boring camera shots that just sit there????.....anyways, am looking very forward to other entries from you for the fun that you can bring to future entry.

Ben Zingo:

the number and complexity of drawings is admirable, but they're very busy, and can be hard to read.
Also be careful of breaking the 180 rule, when your characters jump from left side, to right side, when the camera cuts