Final Rating: 4.63. Finished 37 out of 82 entries.

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Animator: J. Miguel Gonzalez

Description: A couple talking for something

Experience: 20 years

Time taken: 8 hours


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Anna M.:

Its a nice animation. I think the timing for some of the actions is a little too quick and a few times the girl come to a dead stop. For instance, when she turns her head towards him, she stopes pretty suddenly. I think if you eased in and out just a bit more it would make it smoother,,,, but I love how you didn't ignore the girl while he is talking, she still moves but doesn't distract attention from him. There is some good stuff here, worthy of imitation.

Tom Islava:

My only complaints are the legs and the fingers could've moved loosely. Other than that I like how you handled characters' emotions and the movements of all the other body parts

Jenn Byrd:

I love how the shoulders are used to gesture as he talks. Nice work.