Final Rating: 5.17. Finished 30 out of 82 entries.

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Animator: sharon wang

Description: This is my first challenge I didn't finish the whole thing
since I got assignments to work on but I had Fun.

Experience: not much yet I'm still studying and working on my skills.

Time taken: about 3 days


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Nathaniel Gonzales:

Good punctuation with the eyes.

Richard Adams:

Looks like you weren't able to finish this as much as you'd like...but what you have is terrific. Especially the first 22 frames. I just *love* that expressiveness in the faces, and the way they move. Had you been able to finish this might've won First Prize.

Nicolas Briellmann:

just a quick tip for the lip-sync: the mouth moves too much in your animation. Try speaking the whole dialogue in front of a mirror and observing when and how much the jaw really lowers itself.

Tom Islava:

Love the characters and their expressions

Vee :

Nice facial expressions, would have loved to see this in its final stage

Jenn Byrd:

Yay for 2D! Please keep going, would love to see it finished.