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Refreshing Banter

by Vee

Final Rating: 3.52. Finished 69 out of 82 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Vee

Description: A guy and girl flirt at the park.

Experience: A few years on and off

Time taken: roughly a week working an hour or two at a time


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ro crown:

3 stars ...and i hope u keep practising the basics of how and why and when to move characters, other than here, as the guy and girl are very stiff and static of the pose. Ya wanna have fun and go gooey with the frame to frame workmanship and know that lazyness of stiff and static characaters who just stand there and don't emote, or move much is BORING...for us the audience...have fun with poses of frame to frame and make your char' move once inna while. Act out what your char's do and video that action and incorprate those live vid poses to your animations if ya wanna.......