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Tension by the fire

by Jae

Final Rating: 2.91. Finished 79 out of 82 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jae

Description: A cat and dog sit by the fire, seemingly discussing there feelings

Experience: 1 year of animation course

Time taken: 2 weeks of lessons


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ro crown:

sorry about the 2 stars from me. But this lacks any and all fun for the audience is what i mean for.....schedule your time better if ya can to animate this and other future entries of spending perhaps two hours a day for 10 days out of the month to have fun with an future entry, as opposed to this static stiff poses that go nowhere in entertaining us ...just my op...sorry if this offends ya, but i do think you have potentional!!!!

Jenn Byrd:

Love seeing the 2D entry! Obviously needs to be finished, keep going!

Ben Zingo:

The lipsync matches up nicely to the words! Adding some more body movement would help a lot with giving your characters some life!