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How to talk to girl politely

by Wun Ki Wong

Final Rating: 4.33. Finished 50 out of 82 entries.

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Animator: Wun Ki Wong

Description: lips sync exercise

Rig: Apollo
Flinders University /
Adelaide CDW Studios student

Experience: Two year

Time taken: 13 week


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Tom Islava:

My only advice is to finish the lipsync. Other than that, it's all good.

Ben Zingo:

the body and shoulders seem very animated, but the neck and head feel oddly stiff and trained on a single point. The lipsync/mouth shapes could also use some work, but overall the acting feels nice


Good use of body language, but the lip-syncing needs a bit of work and the face needs to be a bit more expressive to match his body language. We also can't see who the man is talking to. If you're achieving an over-the-shoulder look, you would need to have the girl in frame and off to the side a little. How does she react to this?