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Heist gone wrong

by Lou

Final Rating: 5.53. Finished 36 out of 125 entries.

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Animator: Lou

Description: Two dudes getting very legal money, but the city is well protected...

Experience: 8 month

Time taken: Very long


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Hadrien Kobylarz:

Nice storytelling ! Some movements seem very extreme and need more anticipation/easing.

Ben Zingo:

the framing and poses are really nice, I feel like with some polish, this could be really good! Building up moments of anticipation, overshoot, etc. could really help with the moves. It seems like you're over-acting during the "not batman, but like..." section. We don't need a visualization of every key word!


Lovely, fun setting and a nice pay off! I like the very first reaction of the startled panic against the door. Very fun!