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Night Shift Shenanigans

by Sarah Mohring

Final Rating: 4.74. Finished 63 out of 125 entries.

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Animator: Sarah Mohring

Description: A young man gives a possibly drug-influenced report to an unimpressed police officer.

Experience: I have about 2 months of 2D frame by frame experience so this is my first full animation!

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Jay G. :

You have created such a nice and logical context for the dialog. I love the sigh of the exasperated cop at the end.

Hadrien Kobylarz:

Nice staging, backgrounds and character designs ! Maybe needs more energy overall..

Reginald C Pumpernickel:

Minor flaw at the end is that he says "I didn't say them together" but then does the opposite body language by putting his fingers together