Final Rating: 6.15. Finished 15 out of 125 entries.

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Animator: Maaneh Barseghyan

Description: The mummy woke up from a thousand-year sleep and discovers the new world. They accidentally see Batman. the rabbit tries to describe him.

Experience: 1yrs

Time taken: 5days


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The squirrel may not have been the best counter character to the human, the lack of expression visible on the face doesn't help.

Ahmed Morsy:

Nice! Once you have a nice pose going, try to hold it there for a while before you reverse curves, act within the same pose, it gives an opportunity for your audience to stay focused and understand the mood of your character better, too many poses is a bit distracting, and avoid twinning as much as possible, when we talk, we don't emphasize every word we say with changing our body pose 9 times out of ten, we move within the same pose.

Richard Adams:

I'm really liking this one! Love the facial expressiveness and the body mechanics.


Amazing ♥️