Final Rating: 3.13. Finished 149 out of 183 entries.

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Animator: Graeme Allen

Description: Two astronauts just want to make it back to 1980-something...

Haven't animated in two years, so it's great to be back into it. I learned a lot while working on this clip, even if I ultimately wasn't able to finish in time.

Experience: Pursuing an animation major, animating as a hobby for about 10 years.

Time taken: This iteration, about 4-6 hours over the course of two days.


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brianna mooley:

easiest character to lip synch

Caleb Rankin:

I really liked this, loved the LEGOS.... but the guy in the back is creeping me out since he doesn't move at all.

Paul D. Cooke:

I like the body movements, but the lack of animation in the face really hurts this piece.