Final Rating: 6.34. Finished 7 out of 183 entries.

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Animator: JoJo Phipathanapaiboon

Description: The scientist is making his video log to experiment his Time Machine. He is going back to the past because he wants to see his wife again.

Experience: 2 year

Time taken: 3 week after work


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Monty Mink:

well done

Annalisa Patterson:

This was a very well done clip. I like how it started out with the scientist making a recording then changes the viewpoint to show the watch with the picture. These features explain why the man is giving the monologue, as well as imply the reasons behind him using/creating the time-machine in the first place. The concept is portrayed perfectly and the animation is also well done.



Caleb Rankin:

I love the concept and the animation, but the mouth movement feels off.

Shark Bait:

A bit better lip sync and more emotion in the face would give this animation more of an impact. I think this is one of the few that actually captured the tone of the dialogue