Final Rating: 5.98. Finished 21 out of 164 entries.

879 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alex Relloso

Description: An astonished fan sees the last creation of his idol

Experience: Just finished 1st year in animation

Time taken: around 3 weeks, part time


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The character design for both characters was really great. The animation was very smooth and expressed each characters personalty well. The jump arch for the smaller character seemed a bit off. It seemed to go up, the back, then up again. Perhaps it was a more fluid arch, it would have flowed much better. But overall great work. I love seeing the 2D entries.

San Mathew:

Great play on scale

Divyam Chand:

framing should have been tight...theres so much of negative space. but nice animation

Alaa Aldeen Alhamwi:

nice needs more inbetweens


Big one has no weight...

Rob Small:

Good poses! And I like the characters! Just could do with a few more in betweens...

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Cool poses but a bit erratic. Big guy's weight way off near the end. Bring camera much tighter.


This is a decent start. Staging feels too far away, bring the view on closer to the characters. The big guy's animations are really solid and the take looks great. It would be nice to see instead of a dead hold, a little big of action on both characters parts, even a finger twirl, weight shift, something minor that still brings life to the characters.



Angel R:




Tyson Haeh:

We're too far away from the characters