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Animator: Darnell Raymond

Description: two guys admiring the tron bike but dialogue is from back to the future

Experience: I am currently pursing work in 3d animation, I was an animation mentor student 4 years ago

Time taken: a week


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Ian Alexander Hanson:

Like the plutonium pose on doc and how you're not too quick to get out of it.

Body weight is not quite there always, watch arcs.


Lots of room for improvement. What is working well is Marty's hand sliding across the surface and the shoulder shrug. The lip sync is really strong as are the eye movements. The eyebrows could be engaged more. The composition needs improvement, too face on with both characters and too far away, could use a better angle and closer in. Try using an angle that captures both characters at a 3/4 angle instead of flat on. The acting choice for Marty is okay but Doc's does not make alot of sense and is a bit over the top for this particular composition (I get the exaggeration however it doesn't work here). Both characters need dynamic posing, loosen up the stiffness by using arcs, squash and stretch, anticipation, follow through & overlapping action, timing, and improvements in energy that matches the dialog

Chad Cox:

You could probably have benefited from an establishing shot of the whole vehicle and then cut in to medium/close ups of the characters... This would've helped showcase your animation more and saved you the trouble of animating the character who isn't speaking at the time... It's good animation, make it easier to see ;)