Final Rating: 5.11. Finished 38 out of 164 entries.

519 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kong Anim

Description: SO . Thank for watching

Experience: 5

Time taken: 3 week


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Lip synch is off

Danny Kneip:

Good acting and expressions. The lip sync is definitely off, and that's a shame. At F82 when that spring goes flying, it's about 20 frames later that his eyes follow, and very slowly at that! But you performances are very good.

Jamal Pollack:

really good but id watch the lip sync, feels late in some parts

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Like his reaction at the end.

Some good subtle choices like the glasses falling.

Hair is way floppy and isn't working right. Lip sync off in various spots.

Arcs not always there.

Tyson Haeh:

there's some good stuff going here but Joes lip sync could use a bit of work