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The Ultimate Helicopter!


Final Rating: 3.62. Finished 102 out of 164 entries.

352 views including the voting period.



Description: Jerry wonders if the helicopter runs on regular unleaded gasoline....

Helicopter model by Leonardo Gulli

Experience: 1 1/2 Years

Time taken: About 30 hours


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Danny Kneip:

Very stiff acting, overall, but the lip sync is mostly believable.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Like what you're going for with poses.

Watch weight, fast / slow, timings. Use hips and spine.

Taryn Sabra:

Really like the face on the young guy. A lot of stiff/unnatural movements though. I think the bit where the older guy talks could use more expression from both of them. Maybe give him a more profile view when he's talking so we can see that he's excited?