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Oh okay...wait...WHAT?!?!?

by Tai Beaumont

Final Rating: 6.09. Finished 19 out of 164 entries.

1,079 views including the voting period.


Animator: Tai Beaumont

Description: A scientist's robot runs on something a bit dangerous.

Experience: A few years.

Time taken: 1 month on nights and weekends.


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Remi Thewissen:

The body acting is really good

The lipsink could use some work though, make sure you get every syllable in there, it shows when you skip letters...

I love the face the malcom does though, he seems so proud and exited

Kristy Boule:

Awesome! Totally believable. Loved that well-done characters, audio timing and detail!

Julien Ferritto:

I love the first part, but I think you should work again in the timing at the end ^^ Great job !

Nassim Briedj:

good anim but the boy could look to doc when he asked him a question

Danny Kneip:

What I really love is the robot who's fallen and can't get up and just starts convulsing. It's a really unexpected behavior, and highly amusing. It also might go unnoticed, but you were really smart to change the camera angle in the third shot, just enough, to "remove" Doc from the frame to lighten your load. I think your lip sync is well done, as are the behaviors and emotions of the characters. Love the flames as well. Great job!

Ed Seager:

Good idea :)

Sebastian Haas:

Maybe put anticipation when the boy throws the ball, and also make the boy's weight more apparent....

Divyam Chand:

ball throw could hv been better...otherwise pretty nice

Michelle Boulé:

winner winner chicken dinner

Kamal Bhattacharjee:

need to work on key poses and the holds ....

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Cool idea and decent animation.

We need more hips rotated and spine involved in the poses. His jump loses the arc partly because of his relation to the camera.

Definitely some good things going!

Mohamad Jaka Aries:

the pose when he get down, it's gonna be tired for a human.


Fantastic! Love the concept, staging, facial animations, lip sync, robot, all of it. The one thing that could use improvement is the Marty character standing on his toes, his heels should be planted. The take is solid but the stretching on the character's head is elongated a bit too long, try shortening how many frames that happens.