Final Rating: 4.56. Finished 54 out of 164 entries.

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Animator: Yuri Marcel Vieira

Description: A young guy accepts to a new kind of surgery, but he didn't know it would involve plutonium based machines
(I've run out of time to animate the doctor, so i had him walk out of the scene, but that was not the original idea)

Experience: 2 years and a half studying

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Ed Seager:

your take is really good, I think you need to get more emotion out of the character though

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Good ideas, like the change from first to last - cartoony jump behind chair I think works.

Lip sync is off, body not really fully invloved in the movements. Could use better face expressions.

Michael Kristiansen:

Relatively nice animated. The extreme jump ruined it for me though.


I love the take, I think it works well. The timing and pacing throughout needs improvements its too stiff and robotic, not enough variation in cadence. Also the energy up until the take doesn't match the dialogue. The poses are too face on or side on, 3/4 is almost always the way to go. The hand gestures seem to mime the dialogue and feel out of sync. The facial expressions work well and help bring the character to life.