Final Rating: 4.16. Finished 73 out of 164 entries.

396 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alicia Meredith

Description: Who knew minibots could run on plutonium!

Experience: roughly 6 months or so

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Nassim Briedj:

good one i liked the begining and the hand contact with the robot but the last action needed more dynamic and expressive gestures

Danny Kneip:

There really isn't much variance in expression for this character - his inquisitive nature is only audible. If you weren't going to animate a second character, you might have considered "Marty" handling the robot. It puts a little more meat on the bone. As it is, we're looking at someone looking at something. The lip sync is good in places but falls off in others.

You have a good foundation and I insist that you continue pushing yourself to do more in your animations.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Nice concept and some poses very good.

Floaty in many places, watch fast and slow, watch arcs. Use much more speed and distance on last action.


Use more holds

Michael Kristiansen:

Ok animation. He moves his body too much in the beginning, and his face could use some improvements as well.


Decent start. The facial animations are what works best. The eye blinks, eyebrows, mouth shapes and eye movements are very convincing and definitely bring life to this character. The grabbing of the toy and the subtle actions of the toy work well too. The lack of holds and continuous body movements however detract from this great lip sync performance. I would decrease the amount of body movement down to 4-5 poses and really work on the take to sell it more, have the body support what the face is portraying.

Tyson Haeh:

Acting choices are nice but the actions feel floaty and the facial shapes are kind of weak