Final Rating: 4.06. Finished 80 out of 164 entries.

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Animator: Ian Alexander Hanson

Description: I try to let the work speak for itself as much as possible, but I will say that this is my best work to date, the characters coming to life for me as never before. Hope you enjoy it!

Experience: 2 years pro. (2D), 4 years hobby + 18 mos. in Anim. Mentor

Time taken: 80 hours easily, probably 90+


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Robinson Aguilera:

The fact the doc is not staring at the laptop bothered me but still good idea and animation


Staging is working well, camera movement is too much though, try cutting to the new angle of Doc and Marty instead of animating the camera. Lots of opportunity for squash and stretch, anticipation and arcing movements that should be utilized, especially in the walk around and walk away.

Ethan Gettman:

Was a great idea until the double entendre punchline.