Final Rating: 7.01. Finished 6 out of 164 entries.

4,085 views including the voting period.


Animator: wilson henrique vesco

Description: Just two pigs talking about the new machine of the farm.

Experience: some

Time taken: 15 days


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Awesome expressions!

Julien Ferritto:

Love it :D

Sharath Kumar:

This must be one of the best..!!! nice characters and classical animation...Love it!!


The brown One Could use more heavier expressions ...

i like the feeling ,so cute!

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Cool - reminds me of Charlottes Web or Animal Farm.

Opening shot too distant.

Head movements erratic, eyes sometimes late. Too much repetition in the movements. Getting up on all fours is too quick and not understandable.

Michael Kristiansen:

Pretty cool sir :)
Reminds me of good old Disney movies.

Danny Kneip:

There is a continuity issue on the first closeup of the pink pig and, based on the way he's looking, I really got discombobulated because I thought he was looking up at the brown pig. But he's actually, if I put the establishing shot in context, looking at nothing, because the tractor is on their left and his body is facing forward. It just distracted me, that's all.

The hand drawn characters are amazing - great movements, expressions and lip sync. It really is, regardless of the staging, one of my favorites this month.

Masoud Ebrahimi: