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Plutonium on 3 Wheels

by San Mathew

Final Rating: 4.80. Finished 46 out of 164 entries.

398 views including the voting period.


Animator: San Mathew

Description: A shiny Tricycle with a nuclear engine

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: 4 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Buddha Babulanam:

This is such a beautiful animation! I love the expressions and the fluid motion!

Danny Kneip:

The first camera cut is really distracting because his head is in the same exact place as the previous shot - check it out (F80 and F81) - he's always center frame so it's pointless to cut to a new shot unless you change the framing or provide us with additional information. The lip sync is good, but I don't buy the gesture for "on gasoline" - why would he be excited about this prospect enough to smile and raise his arm? Finally, you've cheated a little bit with the right foot as he jumps away from the bike - as that's the last foot to leave the ground - but that's impossible because that foot was never flat on the ground in the first place. And his landing seems "eased in", which it shouldn't be.

Overall, I think you did a pretty good job.

Jamal Pollack:

Cr wrist seems broken in some places

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Starts off really well and ending is decent. Good that the constraints are working. Camera change does not make up for the fact that his moves in the middle are basically repetitive. Leap back at the end, not nearly enough anticipation or squash to validate it. Like the look at 255.