Final Rating: 3.44. Finished 112 out of 164 entries.

374 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dan Be U

Description: I had a hard time with the render.... Sorry!

Experience: Student

Time taken: 5-8 days


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Yuri Marcel Vieira:

i think the characters are too far away from the camera

Remi Thewissen:

you don't need to see the whole ship... or at list not the entire lenght of the animation, because the characters are so small, we can barely see the acting

Ed Seager:

Get closer to them hard to see what you have animated.

Ramsey Parks:

Camera is too far away.

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Cool craft.

Shot much too distant to see, get involved with characters, or judge actual animation work.

Nathan Younger:

zoom in a little


Nice concept but staging is too far out to really make out facial animations. The body motions are too stiff and lack the fundamentals. Try pulling the camera in closer to the characters and work on squash and streth, anticipation, stating, follow through and overlapping action, arcs, timing, etc...

Tyson Haeh:

The camera is way too far out, we can't see the characters faces very well

Gabriel Hencz:

Even though I don't have much experience and I can't say about my self that I'm an animator yet... the camera could be better framed. The viewer basically couldn't see what was happening in the scene... because you framed the ship in the middle rather focusing on characters. As I said... I still can't say about myself that I'm an animator so I can't judge that much... but this animation needs a lot of improvement in my opinion..., at least work on the camera framing next time. :)