Final Rating: 6.62. Finished 9 out of 164 entries.

2,770 views including the voting period.


Animator: WangZhihui

Description: At the Cage

Experience: 6.5 years

Time taken: 2.5 weeks


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Christoph Lendenfeld:

not sure about the finger pose at 155. looks to me a bit like he is angry at the professor
but overall the animation is very nice and fluid, great job

Patrick King:

The animation is very fluid, but the movement of the hands is distracting and I am not sure what is going on story-wise.

Also, what is he looking at. His eyes are way off to the his right, but the way it is staged, the second guy is almost in front of him.

Great job! like it

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Not bad at all - good thought on poses and interaction between characters.

Marty's movements seem often just for movement. Watch arcs as well.

Michael Kristiansen:

Really great! Nice poses and good secondary animations. Only thing I dont like is in the end when he swings his arm. Its a little too all over the place to my taste, but well done sir!

Michael Elesheku:

Nice Animation but the idea, i don't get it.


Great job! The only thing I would change would be when the big body movements happen for Marty, I would save those for the nuclear response. The arm movements all the way through are very organic, all of the animation is, however during his reaction to nuclear, his arms feel a little stiff and flail too much for my tastes. I would chose a different body language reaction.

Fırat Cenkci:

Your poses and timing are good, but one thing is disturbing me and it is the look direction in your main character. What is looking for? Audiance will be questioning what is he looking for. Is it doctor or something else.If it is doctor who looked at your characters look direction will be on screen right that would be more convinsing because the hand of the other character is placed far right. Above all good work keep up.

David Cazeaux:

awesome work.
I just find the balance move with his hand around fr330 should've needed a little more rythme.
I'm not sure about the expression ( this is a great expression but not the better one for this particular moment ) after this is great is a little weird, we don't really know what he is thinking at that point . anyway I said it before, nice stagging and the animation is excellent !!!!