Final Rating: 4.49. Finished 56 out of 164 entries.

381 views including the voting period.


Animator: Adam Blomgren

Description: A professor has invented a new machine!

Experience: 4 months.

Time taken: Maybe 2 weeks in the evenings.


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Nicole Brettell:

Pretty descent... Cool...

Ed Seager:

I think this would quickly improve it you put some dirt in your curves

Louis Parker:

Love the Kick!

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Some good work.

Good movement, except bodies too stiff. Gestures and thoughts are not as strong as they could be.

The kick and sucker jokes are not great - I'd consider replacing with better thinking and gestures imho.

Michael Kristiansen:

The red guys head is kinda stiff. I would make bigger movements, since the sound refers to that.


Funny. I like this concept. The animations and timing could be improved. Marty's head movements feel very poppy and linear, try smoothing out into arcing motions. Stronger mouth shapes on Marty will help the lip sync read stronger. The kick and drop of plutonium feel laggy, as if they should be happening sooner.