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Will I ever finish anything..

by Rob Meech

Final Rating: 2.89. Finished 148 out of 164 entries.

450 views including the voting period.


Animator: Rob Meech

Description: I dont like the fact that im going to hand this in and get a crappy red merit.. but whatever. i hope you enjoy the story.

Experience: Enough

Time taken: couple of frustrating days


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Remi Thewissen:

Too bad you didn't finish, it looks promising

Danny Kneip:

Adorable characters and concept. I'm so sorry you couldn't have more completed. Please keep trying!

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Would love to see finished!

Hard to rate because the drawings are not cleaned up.

Sibi Packirisamy:

I would have loved to see this finished, I really liked the character design.

Paul Wei:

Great blocking; wish it was finished. Would love to see the final version.