Final Rating: 4.94. Finished 42 out of 164 entries.

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Animator: Ben Pride

Description: What's left in Doc's fridge?

Experience: 2 and a half year student

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Julien Ferritto:

Good idea :D

Nicole Brettell:

Needs texturing... but pretty good.

Danny Kneip:

Amusing concept and nicely animated. The lip sync is good, overall, although I think "great" (around F83) could be clearer. The actions of the alien are sometimes spastic :

- he puts his finger to his lips, and then removes it, in a very hurried way. This is a fun gesture, but maybe would have been stronger if the finger was there for the entire line
- he grabs the sucker in a flash and no arc in the movement
- his quick gesture with the left hand on "sucker" is probably unnecessary.

I like this animation anyway (and I'll assume you know you crossed the 180 line on the third shot).

Sebastian Haas:

Maybe if the professor turns around earlier, would be nice

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Cute setup and definitely like the idea of his climbing into the fridge!

Watch his weight / anticipation as he climbs up. Watch arcs as well in general.

Cut to Doc is confusing because relationship of where they are has not been set up. I like Doc's finger work toward kick and his turning around (would have him turn quicker myself). Also have the arms and wrists follow through more on that turn before the settle.

Not bad!


This is very solid. Try using more dynamic poses for both characters and shortening their holds. Both come to dead stops and without anticipation into the next movement, feels very choppy. Don't forget about arcing actions, drag and settles.