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by Peyman Bodaghi, September Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 7.63. Finished 1 out of 164 entries.

68,600 views including the voting period.


Animator: Peyman Bodaghi

Description: Please eCritique My Animate. Thank You.

Experience: 6 Years

Time taken: 2 Week part Time


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Julien Ferritto:

Love the idea, love the acting, love everything ! Fantastic job !

Tomasz Grenda:

expet having him running front of cam u culd make a better cut and sell the gag better at the end :) lipcsyn is off a bit plus jump from bike is not so strong like his reaction on the bike:)

Ed Seager:

Nice facial animation :)



Kamal Bhattacharjee:

Nice! But you have to control the intensity of lip-sync according to the voice modulation...


Great ! like the timing

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Cool concept and decent execution! Like the riding on the horse and how it loses energy.

Movements erratic, watch arcs, watch weighting. End shot should be more 3/4.

San Mathew:

Fantastic animation! Very inspiring....I'm so jealous :(


Very well done. Lots of squash and stretch, anticipation, arcing motions, the jumps both look fantastic. The only thing I think could be done is to push the squash pose a bit more forward before the leap up onto the scooter, other than that this is wonderful!

Celia Bullwinkel:

Great animation and rendering. Watch the audio distortion, though.

Nicolás Rafael Suazo Monsalve:

Good! Really good poses and awesome flow.
There is a little cut on camera a little bit weird and I would like some more expresive or exagerated poses, other than that feels great.

Danny Kneip:

Adorable characters, strong lip sync and acting choices. The animation is very strong, especially the walking. The motion blur needs tweaking, as an aside, but overall, a very enjoyable piece!

Masoud Ebrahimi:

Good Job !

David Cazeaux:

awesome work !
Maybe it would have recquired some extra stretchs on the eyes and mouth, particulary with that kind of cartoony design.
some of the key poses should have be a lot more silhouette.
anyway that rocks !!!