Final Rating: 3.21. Finished 78 out of 96 entries.

378 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nithyanandan

Description: I'm a VFX artist.I started loving animation and gave a try.Please comment on it so that I can improve my animation skills in future.Thank you.

Experience: 2 months as Student

Time taken: 2 days


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Sabrina Winkel:

Her hands are all over the place and her lower body doesn't move at all

Elizabeth Dik:

The timing is good but your movements need more weight in them. When she brings her fists together at frame 99, she seems quite frustrated but that's possibly the most delicate fist to a hand I've ever seen. After frame 136 her arms and head seem like they're floating a little bit to place too.
I like the changes in expression

Hanne Dewachter:

Your movements seem a little "floaty" and out-there a lot of the time. Try to accentuate words by quick and snappy gestures, perhaps.
Also, there's a lot of movement in the arms, but not a lot in the shoulders or the rest of the body. Try and add that!

Byron Pockrandt:

Timing needs adjusted. Don't let the poses slide into each other. Use breakdowns and graph editor create well timed animation curves.