Final Rating: 5.52. Finished 18 out of 96 entries.

555 views including the voting period.


Animator: Felipe Iglesias

Description: Two friends talk in a restaurant about her problem in CIA

Experience: 6 month in animation 3D

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Jordan Lewers:

This is a lively animation! However, there's a bit of over acting going on, showing a bit too much teeth too frequently

Sujit K:

lip sync not proper and limited animation

Sabrina Winkel:

Good! Except the blonde isn't making eye contact

Hanne Dewachter:

I'm sorry but her teeth are freaking me out :D

Byron Pockrandt:

Pretty good work. The lip sync may have been a bit too exaggerated at times, especially at frame 50. And the lip sync could have used some work at 240 with "You're Exciting". It feels more painful and expressive. Very emotional experessions though, I like that.

John Sloan:

The first girls mouth became incredibly distorted through out.