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September 2016 Submission

by Luke Coleman

Final Rating: 3.36. Finished 73 out of 96 entries.

348 views including the voting period.


Animator: Luke Coleman

Description: Sometimes all you need are a few good words from a friend to lighten the mood.
The Mery rig belongs to MeryProject.com.
The Morpheus rig belongs to Josh Burton.

Experience: 3 years, just finished BSc. for 3D Animation

Time taken: Roughly 20 hours


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Sujit K:

not good

Jordan Lewers:

A lot of guts to have them walking and talking, but unfortunately it doesn't seem too natural when the girl on the left bends over. I'd recommend using a reference to get the posing and timing down next time

Byron Pockrandt:

You need breakdowns. Don't just have the poses slide into each other. You need to spend more time in the graph editor to create life in between the poses.

John Sloan:

Was pretty good up to the point of the character interaction, her hand looks like its floating.